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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
2017confworkgroup INACTIVE: (May, 2017).
Analytics-l ACTIVE: Analytics & Statistics Working Group.
APS-L INACTIVE (May, 2016): Arthur Public Services List.
Archway-coordinators-l ACTIVE.
Archway-directors-l ACTIVE.
Archway-l ACTIVE.
Arthur-coordinators-l ACTIVE.
Arthur-directors-l ACTIVE.
Arthur-l ACTIVE.
Assessmenttaskforce INACTIVE: Assessment Task Force.
AssessmentTF-FY20 [no description available]
Avalon-coordinators-l ACTIVE.
Avalon-directors-l ACTIVE.
Avalon-l ACTIVE.
Bridges-catalogers-l ACTIVE
Bridges-circulation-l ACTIVE
Bridges-coordinators-l ACTIVE.
Bridges-directors-l ACTIVE.
Bridges-l ACTIVE.
Circ-Courier ACTIVE: Circulation and Courier Committee.
Coldev-l INACTIVE (April, 2010): Collection Development Discussion.
E-Resources ACTIVE: E-Resource Committee.
Explore-l ACTIVE.
Galahad-coordinators-l ACTIVE.
Galahad-directors-l ACTIVE.
Galahad-l ACTIVE.
Gitgroup ACTIVE: Regarding the Git version control software for Webpac collaboration.
HUB-ADMIN ACTIVE: Missouri Hub Admin List
HUB-PARTNERS-FRIENDS ACTIVE: Missouri Hub Partners & Friends Email List
HUB-STEERING ACTIVE: Missouri Hub Steering Committee
HUB-TECH ACTIVE: Missouri Hub Tech List
ILS-Market INACTIVE: (February 2018): See newer ILS-software-services.
ILS-software-services ACTIVE: (February, 2018).
IowaCourier ACTIVE: List for Iowa Courier related issues.
KC-Catalogers INACTIVE: See newer KC-Towers lists.
kc-circulation-l INACTIVE: See newer KC-Towers lists.
kc-coordinators-l INACTIVE: See newer KC-Towers lists.
kc-directors-l INACTIVE: See newer KC-Towers lists.
kc-l INACTIVE: See newer KC-Towers lists.
KC-Towers-Acquisitions-l ACTIVE
KC-Towers-ArticleReach-l ACTIVE
KC-Towers-catalogers-l ACTIVE.
KC-Towers-circulation-l ACTIVE.
KC-Towers-coordinators-l ACTIVE.
KC-Towers-directors-l ACTIVE.
KC-Towers-l ACTIVE.
Kc-Towers-public_services-l ACTIVE.
Lance-coordinators-l INACTIVE: See newer AVALON lists.
Lance-directors-l INACTIVE: See newer AVALON lists.
Lance-l INACTIVE: See newer AVALON lists.
ME-service-alert INACTIVE: Missouri Evergreen Service Alerts
Merlin-coordinators-l INACTIVE: Never Used.
Merlin-directors-l INACTIVE: (March 2013).
Merlin-l ACTIVE: MOBIUS MERLIN Cluster Forum.
Merlinpacint-l INACTIVE (March 2009): MERLIN WebPAC Discussion Forum.
Miug-l INACTIVE (May 2010): MOBIUS IUG Forum.
Mob-delivery-l ACTIVE: MOBIUS Delivery Issues Forum List.
Mobcirc-l INACTIVE: (September 2015).
Mobcoord-l INACTIVE: (December 2015): MOBIUS Site Coordinators.
MOBIUS-IALA ACTIVE: Iowa Academic Library Alliance Discussion
MOBIUS-Overdrive-l ACTIVE.
MOBIUS-Public-Libraries-l ACTIVE
MOBIUS-Sierra ACTIVE: Mobius Sierra Discussion List.
MOBIUS-Strategic-Partners ACTIVE
Mobius-users-l ACTIVE: MOBIUS Users Discussion Forum.
PD-Training ACTIVE:
Quest-coordinators-l INACTIVE: See newer AVALON lists.
Quest-directors-l INACTIVE: See newer AVALON lists.
Quest-l INACTIVE: See newer AVALON lists.
Rivershare ACTIVE: Rivershare (Iowa) courier group of libraries
SAGE-EBA [no description available]
Skyriver ACTIVE.
Slu-coordinators-l INACTIVE - Never Used.
Slu-directors-l INACTIVE - Never Used.
Slu-l INACTIVE (November 2009).
Strategic-planning-l ACTIVE.
Swan-Catalogers-l ACTIVE
Swan-Circulation-l ACTIVE
Swan-coordinators-l ACTIVE.
Swan-directors-l ACTIVE.
Swan-l ACTIVE.
Towers-coordinators-l INACTIVE: See newer KC-Towers lists.
Towers-directors-l INACTIVE: See newer KC-Towers lists.
Towers-l INACTIVE: See newer KC-Towers lists.
Training INACTIVE: (2010).
UX-Meta ACTIVE: User Experience & Metadata Committee.
Washu-coordinators-l INACTIVE: Never Used.
Washu-directors-l INACTIVE: Never Used.
Washu-l INACTIVE: (November 2009).

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